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Our reliable and lightning-fast fiber-optic internet gives you better speeds at a better value in your home and business.

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Why fiber internet?

Fiber is known for its speed. Internet data is delivered at the speed of light because this technology uses glass strands, also known as fiber optic cable. In comparison, cable internet uses older copper wires and is noticeably slower. Our completely new fiber infrastructure provides the fastest upload and download speeds, making everything you do work better — from gaming to streaming to video calls. You won't have to deal with lag times, so buffering will be a thing of the past.

Fiber Fun Facts

Dates back to Roman Empire

While fiber optics entered mainstream use only in the last few years, fiber optic technology has its roots back in Roman times when they started drawing glass into fibers.

Most Secure

As it sends data as pulses of light rather than electrical signals, it doesn’t leak any telltale signals as electrical emissions around the cable.

More Green

The amount of energy it takes to send a flash of light across a fiber optic cable is significantly less than that required to send electrical signals. Less energy means less carbon output, lower emissions, and greener operations.