Vistabeam needs a teammate to provide technical care for our customers!

Our Customer Care Technician’s primary responsibility is to provide capable, empathetic, and friendly support to our Vistabeam community of internet subscribers.

Apply below. Direct inquiries to Jarred Berger at / 308-635-9434.

I like the challenge of fixing things. I enjoy the work environment at Vistabeam and that everyone works together.


Working as a customer care technician at Vistabeam gives me the opportunity to interact with interesting people from all walks of life and allows me to help them through challenging times when technical issues arise. It brings me great pleasure to know that a customer has the best connection that they could possibly have. - Mike, Lead Technician

As a customer care technician I enjoy having the opportunity to meet the needs of our great customers. To see that the customer is satisfied with their experience means so much to me. The best part of working at Vistabeam is working for a family owned company that values each and every one of their employees and gives back to the their local community. - D.J.

In a typical day you will:

  • Help customers via telephone, email, and Facebook;
  • Exercise your analytical skills and problem-solve;
  • Geek out by diagnosing and resolving internet and computer issues.

We’ve got your back:

  • We’ll be sure you’re prepared for this with training and support;
  • You’ll have engineer teammates for brainstorming and escalating issues.

We’re mostly interested in finding people who like helping other people:

  • You get along with people;
  • You’re a decent conversationalist;
  • You’re a good listener;
  • Details matter to you;
  • You can roll with changes;
  • You know your way around a computer.


  • Education

  • Experience