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“Every day I work to help people just like you get the best internet connectivity we can deliver. I look forward to providing you with a solution for your company.”


I grew up right here in Nebraska and really like this area. I like having all 4 seasons throughout the year, even though they can get harsh at times. We have great hunting, fishing and camping areas and tons of opportunities to be active outdoors.

I love spending time with my wife Lynda, son Ryan and his wife Laura and my grand-kids Emily and Luke and my Son Derek. I guess I should include our parrot Scooter. I enjoy reading, camping, fishing and working in my yard but the best thing is being a grandpa.




“I'm looking forward to bringing you a great internet solution for your company. Caring for community, customers and employees is a shared value at Vistabeam, which is one of the reasons why I love what I do!”


I was born and raised on a farm in Western Nebraska. I have over 10 years of experience in the technology industry and 20+ years of experience in managerial, marketing, accounting and customer service.

I am married and have 2 beautiful daughters. We are a very academic and sports minded family. Both of our daughters are soccer players, so we are always traveling to soccer games. We even went to the World Cup!! We are also a 4-H family where the girls participate in home economics projects and show lambs.


Candie S. Albright
YMCA Trails West Camp Director

“YMCA Trails West Camp is very thankful to Vistabeam for the hard work and determination to make our internet up to date for our guests in all our cabins and facilities. As technology improves and changes we feel we have top notch WIFI for our guests to provide the services they may need. Every single Vistabeam staff we had contact with gave us amazing customer service and they fulfilled our needs within the tight time frame we gave them to complete the update we needed and added a land line to our pool at the Camp to avoid some circumstances that could have been very disappointing to our guests. We highly recommend Vistabeam and know they would go the extra mile to accomplish what is needed. ”

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