When you sign-up with Vistabeam you aren’t just signing up for broadband internet.

You are employing local mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. You aren’t just supporting a local business, you are supporting free market business. Like the pioneers that settled this country – neither fire, storm, nor our nation’s trials will keep us from working hard and taking honor and pride in improving the lives of people in our communities.

Lightning, hail, power outages, hurricane force winds, record breaking heat waves.

We like a challenge. At a time when technology is getting ever-better at enabling us to deliver amazing speed in wireless broadband, we are faced with more challenges than ever before from the environment. The business environment is no picnic either – pork barrel politics, misinformation, and government-subsidized competition.

What keeps a wireless internet service provider motivated?

We believe in business and we believe the businesses and communities of the Midwest, no matter how small, are a vital part of our entire nation. Our part is to provide you with access to the information that helps you do your part.

We’re in it for the long haul.

Vistabeam opened for business in 2004 with a focus on delivering high speed Internet service in Western Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming.   The Vistabeam network started with three towers offering service in Minatare, Gering and Torrington.   Now, Vistabeam operates over 100 tower locations covering 45,000 square miles in Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming.   Owner Matt Larsen, a native of Scottsbluff, has also become a well-known figure in the fixed wireless broadband industry through consulting, speaking, lobbying in Washington DC and helping to found WISPA, the Wireless ISP Association.